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  • Katie Harris

Hope on the Range!

We are blessed to share that our local newspaper, the Berthoud Surveyor, featured two articles about Guided Hope on last week’s front page!  We look forward to welcoming new guests and volunteers.  Click on the titles below to read the articles! (Photo by Katie Harris, Berthoud Surveyor)

Hope on the range

Eagle Scout


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June Roundups have begun!

A blessed start to June! We loved having this sweet family out for a Roundup. We are always humbled by the hard work of our smallest Cowgirls and Cowboys during chore time. They are eager to help and care for our animals and inspire us all to continue to serve on the ranch and beyond! We all have something to give, no matter our age. Many have shared with us over the years how God gives them hope in their present circumstances when they care for others and his creation.

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Thank you, “Keepers of the Faith” families for serving!

Scout is such a good sport with the kids! Hard to decide between painting horses and holding baby goats 🙂  We are grateful to the “Keepers of the Faith” families for serving at Guided Hope! Mucking stalls, weeding our entry path, cleaning pens, and more! Of course, we had to have some fun, too 🙂 Pictures of wheelbarrow races, egg and spoon and more to come.


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Ranch Fellowship and Parade Fun!

You are invited on Friday, June 3rd, for an evening of Fellowship, Worship, and Fun!  5:30 – 8:00 p.m.  Bring your guitar along to join us in leading a night of praise and worship.   All ages welcome.  Hay bale tag fun for kids!  Hot dogs provided.  Bring a side or dessert to share.  Please RSVP by June 1st to Kaarin at

On Saturday, June 4th, Guided Hope will be in the Berthoud Day Parade!  You are welcome to walk in the parade with our GH Team and the goats and/or visit our booth in the park after the parade from noon – 5:00 p.m.   If you’d like to walk with us, please email Kaarin at for details.  We will be meeting at 10:30 a.m. for the 11:00 parade.  We hope to see you there!

As a reminder, we are now accepting registrations for children and families for our Junior and Family Roundups!  Information may be founder under Guest “Roundups.” […]

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Wrangler Volunteer Horsemanship Clinic

Junior and Family Roundups are open for registration! Visit our website for details. We are getting ready for our guests with our Wrangler Volunteer Horsemanship Clinics. This past Saturday started with a cold rain, but that didn’t stop our amazing volunteers from coming out for training! We’re grateful God is providing rain for our hay crop. Fortunately, the rain let up in time for us to practice outside. More trainings are planned if you’d like to apply as a Wrangler Volunteer. Details are on our website. Join our GH Team in serving children and families in our community!

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Girl Scout Blessings

An incredible weekend of activity at Guided Hope, starting with a wonderful blessing from a local Girl Scout troop! Many thanks to these girls for their generous support of Guided Hope so that we may continue to serve children and families in our community! We enjoyed having them out for chores and fun 🙂

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