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Our Farm Animals

2014 – Thank you for a wonderful year!

2014 has been an amazing year for Guided Hope!  We have had the privilege of serving over 100 people! We are incredibly grateful to our prayer partners, Roundup volunteers, work crew/Ranch Hands, and financial supporters.

For those of you who are new to our “Roundups,” here are some highlights:

We have been honored to serve numerous military families. One mom expressed her gratitude that we had made a special effort to recognize the service of the whole family. Others were here just before their impending deployment. Some drove over two hours because they said it was one of few things available for free for their whole family and they wanted their kids to serve as well as play together. It’s hard to pull our military families away from chores and on to “play time!”

Some have been through tremendous grief at the loss of a spouse, child, parent, or sibling. One young boy was uncertain about participating when he arrived, and after […]

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The First Roundup!

Howdy Partners!

Saturday, June 7th, was an exciting day for Guided Hope with the first Roundup of 2014!

We were overjoyed to see some elements come together that are the vision and heart beat of Guided Hope.  We are thankful for all the families who have come on work teams or just to celebrate with us how God has brought us to this point.  Roundup #1 was a special day where we were able to minister to a family who continues a grief journey.  Our volunteers were able to share their gifting and understand their role of responsibilities.  Wranglers were ready to welcome our guests and our tour ambassadors gladly made the animal introductions.  Lily and Levi, the baby Nubian goats, along with Cassidy and Corduroy, the Nigerian Dwarf kids, were a highlight!  We broke the ice discovering each participants’ favorite animal.  Do you have a favorite animal?  How truly amazing is God’s creation!  The work project for the day was weed pulling. […]

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