We are thankful for an amazing year at Guided Hope!

In 2016, ovIMG_0005er 300 Roundup and Ranch Hand opportunities were shared with new and returning guests! This summer, we added a new Junior Roundup program. Numerous children worked with wonderful, caring Wrangler volunteers on chores and riding skills. Some came for a time of refreshment and service, while others were in the midst of difficult challenges and saw an opportunity for hope and encouragement. One beautiful mom shared, “I happened to just stumble on this amazing place by the grace of God. This was a beautiful time for my children and I….Thank you Guided Hope for giving us a place to find sanctuary through hard times, thank you for loving us.” We hope they can return soon!

Serving is a vital part of our program. Numerous “Ranch Hands” volunteer their time to muck stalls, stack hay, host at events, clean pens, and much more! Families of all ages, Girl Scouts, Eagle Scouts, youth groups, school groups, and many others pitched in to help.

Your financial support is a vital part of allowing us to continue to be a free of High 5
charge program for families in our community. We are grateful for your generosity! Currently, we are in need of horse sponsors. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please go to our website. Donations may also be made online and are tax deductible. Every contribution is greatly appreciated.

Stories abound from guests who have been impacted from their visits. This spring, one of our returning military families recruited several friends from their neighborhood to join them in serving Guided Hope for the day while Dad was serving our country overseas.

This fall Crossroads’ School in Longmont brought eleven teens for a service day of cleaning img_3654and stacking hay. One of the students that returned for a Roundup with his family was able to serve others beyond the ranch. We loaded a trailer together bound for a local family whose Dad was fighting fires in California and Mom was due with their sixth child. They were extremely appreciative for the hay help!

Loss of a loved one is a difficult time. Thankfully, time with our animals, whether chores or play, has been a healing opportunity for many. One young man
collected leaves from his backyard this fall and treated our goats. Ginger is looking forward to his next visit! Calm, gentle horses and caring volunteers have provided a place where he is eager to return.img_3971

Adoption is a special time of new family dynamics and Guided Hope strives to be a place to make new memories together. A couple of years ago, several members of one family visited while Dad had gone to China to welcome their newest addition. This year we got to meet that little one and share fun and laughs with them back on horses altogether. ☺

Our June Hoedown and October Fall Fun were highlights! In October, 150 people enjoyed meeting our animals, horseback riding, wheelbarrow games, painting barn boards, an
d more. Jr. Rounimg_0082dup kids shared some of their favorite memories with the crowd and we all savored scrumptious chili and delicious pies. One of our volunteer friends constructed PVC bows for us. A line quickly formed for kids and adults alike to try their hand at hitting the flying beach ball with their sponge-tipped arrows.  fter learning more about Guided Hope programs, several new families requested Roundup times in October and November and we have enjoyed working with them. Many th
anks to our Fall Fun volunteers for decorating, kitchen help, parking, registration, livestock, painting, gift shop, photography, sharing stories, and riding!

Upcoming Events:

Living Nativity: December 11th, 3:00 p.m. Stay afterwards for hot cider, fellowship, and Christmas carols. No RSVP needed. Kids are welcome to join in to play a part. Cookies are welcome☺

Roundups continue on Saturdays from January to May. Interested families may apply on-line.

Hope Trail: This is an exciting new feature for 2017! We are incredibly thankful for a grant that
we received for needed supplies. More details willimg_3649
be revealed over the upcoming winter months leading up to our spring build.  We are looking for
professional builders as well as groups of all ages to partner with us in completing this project.

Animal Updates☺
Smokey arrived this summer! His spunky pony personality makes him a favorite. We acquired a cart and harness and look forward to sharing his driving skills!

Butterscotch is approaching his 30th birthday! He continues to have the ability and heart to serve kids. He is a gracious teacher for any new rider.
Steadfast in his calm, slow stride, our paint, Scout, takes all ages of riders, and is a patient with guest artists who enjoy chalk writing messages on his white spotted coat. Often favored by our more experienced riders, our thoroughbred mare, Zeta, is quick to trot, and give guests a chance to move a little faster along the rail.
Our beloved, Pops, is being retired. His exemplary service these past two years has been a treasured gift. His morning whinny to greet us will be dearly missed. Thank you, Pops, for giving your all for kids and adults at Guided Hope.

Fall has brought the excitement of baby rabbits and kittens! We eagerly anticipate the arrival of new baby chicks and goats in the spring☺

Enjoy the Christmas season and celebration of the birth of Christ! We hope to see you next year!

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