We are excited to share that we have been blessed to receive the 2017 Group Publishing Youth Care Award!  This $1000 gift supports the opportunity for us to create pathways using Repurposed Materials between barns.  This will make Guided Hope more accessible to anyone needing more solid footing, walking canes, or wheelchair accessibility to enjoy our animals and family time together.  If you would like to volunteer to help with this project in the spring, please contact Kaarin Scoma at kaarinscoma@guidedhope.org or 303-898-5567.  Thank you, Group Publishing!

(Pictured are Thom Schlutz, President and Founder of Group Publishing, Joani Schultz, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Group Publishing, alongside Andrea Sutton, Guided Hope Board Member, and Brooke Danner, who is assisting us with our Roundup programs. )group-publishing-award