Our Roundups!

Roundups are open to children and families of all ages, free of charge.  We strive to Mentor Individuals, Strengthen Families, Share Hope, and Inspire Service.  

We serve those that have been through loss, military service, adoption, medical hardships and others desiring to strengthen and enrich their family. Click here to learn more about Our Mission.  We wish to provide a safe and positive place for children and families to experience hope and encouragement.

While we do not wish to turn anyone away, there are a limited number of Roundups available each month.   Apply on-line and the Roundup Coordinator will contact you with more information and to confirm your reservation. Please refer to our “FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions” page for further information.

Our activities vary, but may include cleaning stalls, grooming horses, filling troughs, weeding, and numerous other needs.  All activities are weather dependent and are chosen at the discretion of the Wrangler.  Because we have activities that can be done inside, we typically do not cancel sessions due to weather.  Look at our Photo Gallery to see us in action.  

All programs are free of charge.  If you have an interest in supporting our Guided Hope programs, please go to our donate page for more information!  

We look forward to having you here!

Family Roundups: These programs are open to all ages!  Bring your whole family for a time of learning, serving, and fun! Indicate your date and time preferences on your registration form. Click here to apply on-line and you will be contacted by our Program Assistant.  Each Roundup will be 1 1/2 hours.  We encourage each family to sign up for at least 2 Roundups, and up to 3.  The first one includes an animal tour, chores, and horse safety.  The following Roundups include chores, a review of horse safety, optional riding, and fun with our critters.  These include 1-2 families at each Roundup, depending on the number of people per family.

Group Roundups:  These Roundups are open to groups of all ages.  If you have a group of 10-40 people interested in an opportunity to learn, work, and play in the country, join us for a Group Roundup! Click here to apply on-line and you will be contacted by our Program Assistant.  

Special Saturday Group Roundups for Military Families, Families Experiencing Grief, Foster & Adoptive Families, and First Responders: Click here to register on-line and you will be contacted by our Program Assistant to confirm our availability.

If you are interested in supporting the work of Guided Hope, donations are needed and welcome!  Questions? Email us at info@guidedhope.org.  Thank you!

Click here to apply for a roundup experience!