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Ranch Fellowship and Parade Fun!

You are invited on Friday, June 3rd, for an evening of Fellowship, Worship, and Fun!  5:30 – 8:00 p.m.  Bring your guitar along to join us in leading a night of praise and worship.   All ages welcome.  Hay bale tag fun for kids!  Hot dogs provided.  Bring a side or dessert to share.  Please RSVP by June 1st to Kaarin at

On Saturday, June 4th, Guided Hope will be in the Berthoud Day Parade!  You are welcome to walk in the parade with our GH Team and the goats and/or visit our booth in the park after the parade from noon – 5:00 p.m.   If you’d like to walk with us, please email Kaarin at for details.  We will be meeting at 10:30 a.m. for the 11:00 parade.  We hope to see you there!

As a reminder, we are now accepting registrations for children and families for our Junior and Family Roundups!  Information may be founder under Guest “Roundups.” […]

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TWINS! Clover had her babies on Sunday night, one of each 🙂  Help us with names that start with “C”….We’ve had Cassidy, Corduroy, and Captain in the past… More pictures soon! They are already jumping and playing! 🙂  Such a beautiful blessing!  Little Valient, born April 26th to Violet, is pictured in our Wrangler Clinic pictures.  He’s growing so fast!

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Welcome, Valentino!

Violet, one of our Nigerian Dwarf does, had a beautiful baby buckling!  Valentino, Italian for “brave,” arrived Tuesday night.  He weighs about 5 pounds.  He’s cuddled in with mom to stay warm during our April snow showers.    Although it’s chilly, we praise God for the moisture for our hay field and our new arrival!

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Berthoud Days

Berthoud Days was amazing!  We gathered up our Nigerian Dwarf babies and Ginger, our LaMancha for a walk through town.  The youngest babies got to ride in the wagon.  Vanessa got a prime seat riding with Elizabeth.  Our new banner introduced Guided Hope and the kids handed out candy…Jolly Ranchers, of course!  Afterwards we set up a booth at the park complete with our rabbit, Patience, and the Nigerians who attracted many visitors.  With the help of wonderful volunteers, we shared GH information throughout the afternoon with hundreds of people.   Since then, we have been hosting numerous new volunteers and getting the word out to individuals and families that we are here for them!

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Our May 2nd Guided Hope Ranch Day!

We shared a wonderful day with volunteers and guests at our May 2nd Guided Hope Ranch Day Open House!  We were blessed with incredible weather to play and ride.  Our volunteers started early setting up parking, registration, activities, art, t-shirts, snacks, games, gardening, horseback riding, and animal barn tours!   It was a day of fellowship and fun with our guests and volunteers.  We were fortunate to have tripled the number of volunteers involved, created awareness of our program in the community, and provided information for financial stewardship so that we can offer our Roundups free of charge this summer!

Amazingly, the rest of May it seemed to rain daily. Even the pigs were tired of the mud!   Now we’re back in business with beautiful green grass after the rain and the animals are eager to graze.


If you would like to do service projects with us, apply on-line as a “Ranch Hand” for Tuesday – Friday, or, to serve our guests with chores, riding, and games, apply […]

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2014 – Thank you for a wonderful year!

2014 has been an amazing year for Guided Hope!  We have had the privilege of serving over 100 people! We are incredibly grateful to our prayer partners, Roundup volunteers, work crew/Ranch Hands, and financial supporters.

For those of you who are new to our “Roundups,” here are some highlights:

We have been honored to serve numerous military families. One mom expressed her gratitude that we had made a special effort to recognize the service of the whole family. Others were here just before their impending deployment. Some drove over two hours because they said it was one of few things available for free for their whole family and they wanted their kids to serve as well as play together. It’s hard to pull our military families away from chores and on to “play time!”

Some have been through tremendous grief at the loss of a spouse, child, parent, or sibling. One young boy was uncertain about participating when he arrived, and after […]

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The First Roundup!

Howdy Partners!

Saturday, June 7th, was an exciting day for Guided Hope with the first Roundup of 2014!

We were overjoyed to see some elements come together that are the vision and heart beat of Guided Hope.  We are thankful for all the families who have come on work teams or just to celebrate with us how God has brought us to this point.  Roundup #1 was a special day where we were able to minister to a family who continues a grief journey.  Our volunteers were able to share their gifting and understand their role of responsibilities.  Wranglers were ready to welcome our guests and our tour ambassadors gladly made the animal introductions.  Lily and Levi, the baby Nubian goats, along with Cassidy and Corduroy, the Nigerian Dwarf kids, were a highlight!  We broke the ice discovering each participants’ favorite animal.  Do you have a favorite animal?  How truly amazing is God’s creation!  The work project for the day was weed pulling. […]

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