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Serving at Guided Hope

Guided Hope has many opportunities to serve in 2017!
How can you help?  

1)  From April 1st – May 28th, we will be building our Hope Trail!

We have been blessed with a generous donation for supplies and repurposed materials.  Now, we need you!  It is our hope to make this a community service project that will benefit our Guided Hope guests for years to come.  Our goal date for completion is May 28th, with our grand opening scheduled for June 10th!  More information about the Hope Trail plans may be found on our website blog.  Click here to scroll through the slideshow.

We need 1-2 men/older teens to serve alongside Guy for a morning, afternoon, or full day, to complete a number of “stations” on the trail.  For some of the projects, there is an option to build at your own property and bring the completed project t
o us to install.  Handymen, carpenters, welders, landscapers, and willing hands are welcome.  We are also […]

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Supplies needed for the Hope Trail

A variety of supplies are needed for our Hope Trail build, from railroad ties to ropes, plants to poles!  Click on the link below for a list.  Let us know if you have other ideas!

Click to access GH-Hope-Trail-Supplies.pdf

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Hope Trail!

We are excited to share a preview of our new Hope Trail!  A slideshow has been created of our plans.  Click the Hope Trail link below to see more.

We need you!  Join us in serving our community by volunteering your time and/or supplies to complete this special feature for our Guided Hope guests for many years to come!

Click below to preview our plans 🙂


FYI….We have scheduled Roundups year round in 2017!  Check out our calendar for dates!

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Hope on the Range!

We are blessed to share that our local newspaper, the Berthoud Surveyor, featured two articles about Guided Hope on last week’s front page!  We look forward to welcoming new guests and volunteers.  Click on the titles below to read the articles! (Photo by Katie Harris, Berthoud Surveyor)

Hope on the range

Eagle Scout


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Gardens, Goats, Eagle Scouts and Events!

Wow!  What a busy, blessed June we have had so far.   This week we were incredibly grateful for help from our volunteers.

* Our garden is in!  Creative use of those livestock panels from our green thumb experts 🙂

*  Meanwhile, our back pasture crew cleaned pens and the tack room.  Thank you, middle schoolers and parents!

*  Felicity had twins last night!  Our last kidding of the season.  One doeling and one buckling.  Love our floppy-eared Nubians.

*  We received our benches from Aaron!  Congratulations on completing your final Eagle Scout project!  These innovative benches/picnic tables will see daily use for years to come.   Thank you!

*  We’re prepping for tomorrow’s Hoe Down!  Join us from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. if you can!

As we continue to serve children and families in our summer Roundups, we are grateful for your support.  Thank you!

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Thank you, “Keepers of the Faith” families for serving!

Scout is such a good sport with the kids! Hard to decide between painting horses and holding baby goats 🙂  We are grateful to the “Keepers of the Faith” families for serving at Guided Hope! Mucking stalls, weeding our entry path, cleaning pens, and more! Of course, we had to have some fun, too 🙂 Pictures of wheelbarrow races, egg and spoon and more to come.


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Wrangler Volunteer Horsemanship Clinic

Junior and Family Roundups are open for registration! Visit our website for details. We are getting ready for our guests with our Wrangler Volunteer Horsemanship Clinics. This past Saturday started with a cold rain, but that didn’t stop our amazing volunteers from coming out for training! We’re grateful God is providing rain for our hay crop. Fortunately, the rain let up in time for us to practice outside. More trainings are planned if you’d like to apply as a Wrangler Volunteer. Details are on our website. Join our GH Team in serving children and families in our community!

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Do you have a “Green Thumb?”

It’s time to get the Guided Hope garden planted!   Our dirt is tilled and ready for our team to start.   Sign up to volunteer with other “Green Thumb” Ranch Hand friends to serve our guests with your gardening skills!   The harvest will be shared with guests and volunteers. 🙂 Click here for more Ranch Hand Volunteer information.

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Wrangler Horsemanship Clinic!

New and returning Wranglers!  We are having a Guided Hope Horsemanship Clinic on May 14th, from 9:00 – 11:30 a.m.  Registration is required.  To apply as a new Wrangler, click on “Be Involved” for more information or contact Kaarin at 303-717-8372.  This class will be a fun day of fellowship with other volunteers while reviewing our GH policies and procedures, role playing scenarios with children and adults, discussing our summer schedule, and training those new to horses about safe horsemanship practices.  We ask that you plan to commit to serving with at least three Roundups this summer.  We hope to see you there!

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