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Fun on the Farm

Roundup fun with our volunteer Wranglers and guests! All ages joined in to help do chores at the ranch. The playground sand was cleared of weeds and the horses were well loved. We learned about God’s amazing Animal Ambassadors on the ranch and helped care for the land and livestock.

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HopeKids’ Family Roundup

Our HopeKids’ Family Roundup on Saturday was amazing! We played family games, completed ranch chores together, and spent time with our Animal Ambassadors. Even though these sweet families are experiencing medical hardships, they choose to focus on hope. You are an inspiration to us, HopeKids’ families!

A BIG thank you to our volunteer Wranglers who served our guests so well on Saturday! We appreciate you and all you do!

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Ranch on the Road

Hundreds of students were able to experience the joys of ranch life, interact with our Animal Ambassadors, and learn about the Creator with Ranch on the Road last month! What a blessing it is to mentor individuals, strengthen families, share hope, and inspire service in the community!

A HUGE thank you to our volunteer wranglers who joined us on the road! Your hard work and dedication were VERY MUCH appreciated!

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Guided Hope Celebrates Berthoud Day

We had a wonderful time celebrating Berthoud Day with the community! The baby goats and Mocha, the bunny, joined our volunteers on the float. Then, we spent the afternoon sharing about Guided Hope with visitors who enjoyed some time with a few of our Animal Ambassadors. We are looking forward to summer 2022!

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Grateful for Our Volunteer Friends

We are grateful for our volunteer friends who visited from out-of-state to help us once again! They spent a weekend painting the inside of our office and storage building. Thank you for the time, effort, and energy that you put into this project. Our staff and volunteers appreciate the clean, fresh space!

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First Summer Roundup!

We had a wonderful summer Roundup start yesterday! Returning guests groomed horses, did a little riding, and helped us with needed chores. We enjoy hosting multi-generational experiences! Thanks to our amazing Wrangler volunteers for their heart to serve and bless our guests!

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Spring on the Ranch!

Today, on Memorial Day, we honor those who have fallen in service to our nation.  We thank all of our military families and invite them to join us for our special Military Family Roundup on June 18. Details below.


Wrangler Volunteer positions are available. Help us serve our guests this summer. Click here to apply. June 2-August 2: Registration for Summer Family Roundups on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays is open! Click here to apply!New this year – Special Saturday Group Roundups:June 18: Military FamiliesJuly 9: Families with Medical HardshipsJuly 23: Foster and Adoptive FamiliesAugust 27: Families Experiencing GriefSeptember 10: First RespondersSeptember 24: Foster and Adoptive Families


June 4: Berthoud Day Parade! 11 am. Sign up as a Ranch Hand to walk with us in the parade. Click here. Come by our booth near the Berthoud Rec Center to say “Hi!” after the parade.July 22: Ranch Retreat Night! We will have a potluck, fellowship, and worship.





Goats, Goats, and More Goats… No Kidding!

We welcomed Clover’s sweet doeling to the world on March 20 at 12:30 am. […]

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2021 Highlights!

To view our 2021 highlights, click the image below.

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2021 Live Nativity!

It was a joy celebrating the birth of Christ with everyone who attended our 8th annual Live Nativity on Sunday, December 12! For the second consecutive year, we took our Animal Ambassadors on the road to Calvary Church in Longmont. Over 180 attendees were able to meet and interact with our 18 Animal Ambassadors, including goats, chickens, rabbits, sheep, mini horses, and more! With the help of our Guided Hope volunteers and animal actors, we re-enacted the Christmas story for the community with narrations in English and Spanish. After the performance, refreshments were served, including hot chocolate, apple cider, and cookies.

Over 100 amazing volunteers offered their time to share the Christmas story with the community! We are beyond thankful for our volunteers and the ability to put on this annual event. Merry Christmas!

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