There are a lot of different ways you can experience being a Ranch Hand.  If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please complete the volunteer application (click here) and we will get back with you as quickly as possible! Families are welcome to volunteer together as needs are matched with their ages and skills.

Barn Team: Our Barn Team volunteers will help with managing our herd, including: exercising horses, monitoring feed supplies, cleaning stalls, inspecting/cleaning tack, etc. Previous horse experience is required and volunteers will be assigned to our animal groups according to their skill sets.

Power House: For those who like to get out and get moving, the ranch is always full of physically demanding jobs. Work may include building/fixing fences, repairing buildings, moving rocks, spreading wood shavings, cleaning paddocks, etc.

Office Assistant: Although we are honored to serve those who contact us, it can assume significant amounts of time. We are in need of administrative help with phone, email, and social media communication with our guests, volunteers, and donors.

Green Thumb: We are eager to transform the ranch property into something beautiful and productive. The Green Thumb volunteer will use his or her skills to help maintain our ranch landscape.  This job could include landscape architecture, weed-whacking, mowing lawns, planting flowers, watering designated areas, deadheading, bug control or vegetable harvesting.

Professional Assistance: Gifts come in a variety of different forms. The skills of a veterinarian, electrician, mechanic, carpenter, landscaper, and many others are greatly valued at the ranch. If you desire to offer your skills, we will keep your information on file and call you when the ministry needs coincide with your special talents.

Arts and Crafts: Ministry at the ranch is broad based in its scope.  On our rainy days, we offer crafts for our families to do together.   Painting, jewelry making and tie-dying, can be constructed into classes with an application toward personal growth.  New ideas welcome!

Memory Maker: Memories are made on the ranch every day. For those who have an eye for photography or creating video presentations, we encourage you to help us capture special pictures for potential use in website, social media or print publications.

Hay Team: Hay team volunteers help us move hay out of the fields and into our barns. Often the calls to move hay come on short notice. Our hay team is a vital link in the chain that supplies our barns with food for the season.

Musician: A Musician volunteer might use their individual gifts with music to inspire and encourage those who frequent the ranch or attend special events.

Your Ideas:

If you are blessed with unique ministry ideas, we would be interested in hearing from you! It is possible that a new avenue of service could be fostered by combining fresh ideas and current ranch ministry programming.