At Guided Hope, we appreciate every volunteer and donation in the many different forms they take.  We want to let you in on our ranch wish list! These are items that help us take care of our animals and make it possible for families to come for free.  All items are tax-deductible.  Please refer to our Donate page for details.   Thank you!

For the Animals

  • Horse Sponsorship!  Feed and care for our horses!  Donate up to $150/month or combine with 3 friends/family at $50/each.
  • Pony Harness for Smokey – Call for sizing details.
  • Side pull bridles
  • Water lines run to barns (We currently haul water from the house year round)  RECEIVED!!
  • Horse wormers
  • Feed – Senior Feed for Butterscotch.  Just because you don’t have teeth, doesn’t mean you can’t serve! 🙂
  • Gift certificate for a local feed/hardware store
  • Livestock panels
  • Horse “soccer” ball RECEIVED! 🙂
  • Fencing materials (Call for details.)
  • Another horse to add our herd for our program.  Call for details.
  • Muck Rakes
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Trash Cans with lids

For the Families

  • Riding Boots – New or Used.  Men’s Sizes 13-14.
  • Trailer mats to create a handicap accessible path to barns
  • Leather Work gloves of all sizes.

For Projects & Activities

  • Flag Pole with American flag
  • Easy-to-assemble building kits
  • Easy-to-assemble bird houses